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The UK's First FUll 5G Shopping Centre

Surrey Heath Borough Council is working with a consortium of innovative research, retail and technology partners to deliver a ground-breaking open data 5G test bed in Camberley town centre. It is centred on The Square shopping centre and other town centre assets in the ownership of the Council.

The Camberley 5G connectivity is unique in the UK and is an opportunity for innovative companies and technologists to collaborate with world leading researchers to trial new ways of using the powerful data connectivity that 5G offers in a real time environment.

The opportunities are extensive and will enable collaborators to develop become the blueprint for modelling true multi-channel, data driven, customer experiences. There is a particular focus on the retail and leisure sectors, but the availability of an open 5G network in the town centre offers opportunities for new innovation across the spectrum that relies on major data consumption.

This project will have significant marketing on a national and international basis to ensure that it is seen as a flagship project for the country and discussions are underway with the Department for International Trade (DIT) to make this a turn-key opportunity for overseas retail and technology businesses.

Ofcom have already identified the test-bed as a potential stand out UK project and assured us of spectrum access. There will be a flexible working space close to the shopping centre which will house SMEs and startups who will be able to use their technologies in the shopping centre and get their solutions to market quicker, and commercial spaces around town will be available for 5G labs, retailers and other companies needing space to conduct their trials.

We are particularly interested in those technologies and experiments that can scale up and can support the levelling of the playing field in the commercial arena in town centres, encouraging the growth of independent businesses and local economic vibrancy.

'Providing the cutting-edge technology for the UK’s first fully 5G-enabled shopping centre, gives Camberley’s retailers a head-start in the race to transform retail for the future'

Professor Rahim Tafazolli Founder of the 5G Innovation Centre

Express of Interest Open Now

The owners of The Square Shopping Centre in Camberley (Surrey) are seeking expressions of interest from businesses and retailers who want to experience and test the latest technology delivering the foundation for innovation in the UK’s first fully 5G enabled shopping centre.

We are looking to hear from businesses of all sizes who want the opportunity to be a part of this incredible, ground-breaking, step change for the retail industry. We believe 5G is the future of retail so If you’re a business that’s interested in working with global leaders in 5G technology register your interest today

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Surrey Heath is building a reputation as the home for real world applications of technology trials for innovation. We welcome all enquiries from technology partners who wants to try new ways of working in a supportive environment.


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Start-up & Independent

Access to innovate technology companies actively looking to trial new experiences and retail advancements that drive sales and efficiencies.
Free access to staff training and support from Government, Adult Education providers and University partners.
Flexible lease duration and terms that work for your business
Trial and test the latest retail technology and experiences in an ever changing environment.
Benefit from the national interest and high footfall of the UK’s first full 5G shopping centre.
Help define the future of the high street.

Technology Companies

Access to an industry and academia supported open data full 5G environment.
Work with the nation's 5G experts and leading global partners.
Trial and test new technologies across IoT, 5G and Wi-Fi 6 in a live environment.
Access to nations Virtual and Augmented Realities innovation experts.
Work with retail and leisure brands of all sizes - we’ll make the connections for you!
Get support to develop and take your technology to market.
Access to retail experts managing over 30 shopping centres in the UK.
Help define the future of the high street.

National Brands

Understand the blend between offline and online.
Try new product launches and experiences in a innovation zone
Minimise risk in a disruptive environment
Flexible lease duration and terms.
Achieve your organisations goals with support from industry thought leaders.
Experience bleeding edge evolution of retail across the future of 5G.
Set challenges for technology companies to actively solve within the centre and deliver the learnings throughout your brand.
Trial and test the latest retail technology and experiences.
Share the learnings from our open data environment.
Help define the future of the high street.

What to expect from 5G Retail

Once established, Camberley's 5G Shopping Centre will be the first of its kind in the UK and the third in the world. This means there are some examples of use cases to share with prospective users of the infrastructure, excited residents and shoppers. The follow examples are all technologies that are empowered by 5G and that are in existence today. We expected these technologies to be tried and tested within our shopping centre, however, with technology as new as this, and world renowned partners, the real excitement comes from the technologies that will be born out of collaboration.

Surrey Heath Borough Council Legionella IoT

In a first for the region, Surrey Heath Borough Council advanced further into it's technology agenda and removed a manual layer of effort in it's Health and Safety testing. In 2019 the Council took the decision to install IoT Legionella monitoring sensors across all of its assets; delivering on the themes of place and performance and increasing safety and efficiencies for its residents and visitors.

Project partners B4T installed IoT sensors across the sigfox network to allow the Council to remotely record the number of times the water source is turned on or off and the temperature of the water as it passes the sensor, throughout the year.

If you are interested in collaborating on the data produced by our network of sensors or indeed trailing innovations in IoT please contact us.

Camberley Town Centre IoT Sensors

Surrey Heath Borough Council has announced plans to install footfall sensors in Camberley town centre to support its regeneration projects.

The sensors will collect anonymous data which will provide insights into how shoppers are using the town centre. As a result, the Council will be better equipped to judge the effectiveness of current and future projects.

Installation is planned to begin in mid-September to be ready for the Christmas shopping period.

The Surrey Heath Technology Strategy is to provide efficient services to residents through cost reduction, transparency, and modernisation.